Bob Oliver

Bob Oliver

Partner, Co-Founder

Bob Oliver is the Chairman and President of Oliver Martin Property Alliances Inc., and Co-Founder of Property Relief Network LLC. In November 2016, Bob and Eddie Tillis Jr. started Property Relief Network, a solutions oriented business, formed to help homeowners through tough decisions regarding their personal real estate properties.
In January 2018, they incorporated a full team of “solution oriented” staff members to form Property Relief Network LLC. This team today actively works to assist homeowners, to find solutions regarding all issues involving their personal real estate holdings. From there, once solutions are presented and accepted, our staff then works hand in hand with our owners working with owners, to create and execute those solutions.
What about Bob?
Bob Oliver was the middle child of 6 kids, born and raised in a little town called Saratoga, California. Bob and his very creative mindset, always had a serving attitude, enough so, that at a young age of 17, instead of going to college to continue his education, Bob’s visionary aspirations led him to break tradition of going to College, and join the military to make a difference in other people’s lives.
So in January 1976, Bob enlisted into the United States Navy, and in April 1976, he entered the service and achieved the highest enlisted rank of Master Chief Petty Officer (E-9). He ended his career as a highly decorated Command Master Chief Petty Officer, overseeing 1000 men and women in a multi-command environment, up to the day of his retirement in January 1998.
After Retirement from Service?
After Retirement, Bob went back to College to earn his Bachelors in Science in Business and became a licensed Stockbroker for 5 years until 2005. From 2005 to 2013, Bob lived and invested into Real Estate and had his own mishaps in 2008 when the real estate bubble hit.
After staying on the sideline until the summer of 2013, Bob joined a real estate solutions team as an Acquisition Manager, and worked under his own corporate entity known as Oliver Martin Property Alliances Inc.
Bob in that time period, served and helped hundreds of families to achieve solutions for their property situations regardless of the time it took, or the amount of work he had to sacrifice. Bob made a decision to start his own property solutions business after a couple years and sought out to find the perfect partner who he could share his knowledge with, in order to start a long lasting home solutions business.
In November 2016, he was introduced to a hard working sale manager and regional training expert by the name of Mr. Eddie Tillis. After several discussions, Bob and Eddie learned a great deal about their common beliefs.
They both shared a love for helping people, and the energy to do what it took to work with those who needed assistance. So with that, Bob and Eddie both decided to form a business that was not just a solutions oriented business, but one where people weren’t taken advantage of.
They formed Property Relief Network LLC and started in January 2017 with just the 2 of them. From there they worked hard to accomplish a long lasting business, to become a highly recognized icon in the community. Today, Bob and Eddie continue to improve other’s lives, and work to teach others to do the same.

Eddie Tillis

Partner, Co-Founder

Eddie Tillis is the Co-Founder of Property Relief Network. He born and raised in Chandler, Oklahoma, Eddie Tillis Jr. was born and raised in a very competitive neighborhood, which made Eddie’s true skill set and life’s plan surface in sports, health, and Eddie’s love for seeing other’s success materialize.
In his late teens, Eddie’s desire to make the world better, while taking care of family was number one on his agenda. As Eddie grew to learn and help others with anything from sports, to health to better life experiences, he grew to love sales and demanded much of himself to accomplishing the best outsets.
Who is Eddie?
With a truly inspiring “go-getter” spirit, he’s led corporate franchise sales teams in Oklahoma and Texas, ultimately resulting in him becoming a top Corporate Regional Sales trainer. Eddie set many sales records in several corporate America regional franchises, for nearly two decades until his leaving ultimately in 2017.
His tenacity and love to become the best, earned Eddie several sales awards along the way, and was recognized in late 2016 by a real estate entrepreneur and retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, Mr. Bob Oliver.
How did Eddie evolve?
In November 2016, Eddie made a decision that would change his life forever. He decided to work with Bob, and with that, Bob shared his own successes in helping others find solutions to their properties.
It was then when Bob asked Eddie to become his partner, with the goal of helping as many homeowners as possible. They set out to find a way for property owners to either stay in their property or find creative ways to solve their difficult situations.
Thus, a small investment operation known as Property Relief Network LLC was born, and in March 2017, Bob and Eddie together began a magical journey.
Together Bob and Eddie, set forth in a mission of helping others find solutions to their property issues, and to work forward in developing a constructive plan of action for success.
What is Eddie’s life plan?
In his off business time, Eddie works diligently to care for his two growing daughters, and is a perfect example for his girls in their growth and love for sports, health, and nutrition.
As a long time health and fitness advocate, and a successful author of children’s books, Eddie continues to grow his passion to improve people’s quality of life through education.
In his efforts to balance his business with his life’s passion, he diligently works with a team of educators and nutritionists. All with the goal of developing our nation’s children.
All in all, Eddie now lives out his dreams, as an author and owner of Fit Command, while becoming a very humbled self-made real estate investor.
Today Eddie looks forward to solving homeowner’s daily lives, and spreading his love for people, while embracing all who he meets. He is ever so grateful for his successes, and looks forward in ways to leave others better off going forward in their lives no matter what situation they’re in.

Andrea Romer

Katherine Thompson

Business Coordinator / Asset Manager


Bob Oliver

Layna Edd

Business Coordinator

If anyone ever has a question at Property Relief Network, Layna always seems to have the answer. Perhaps it’s because of her diligent nature and knack for details, or maybe it’s because she has been an instrumental part of the company’s planning and development from day one. Growing up in Oklahoma City, Layna learned how to contribute to a group effort, playing the clarinet in her high-school’s band. She also found a way to indulge her naturally independent nature, competing in track. After earning a degree in Business Administration from East Central University, Layna was able to both utilize and expand her skillset while working in banking and human resources. In 2014, she moved to Tulsa to obtain her real-estate license and begin a career as a realtor.
Despite being a self-professed adventure junkie, Layna now enjoys a quiet life with her fiancé, Eddie and two step-daughters, Rosalyn and Elise. When she’s not working, running around to kid’s sporting events, or taking care of the family’s four dogs, Layna loves to unwind with yoga. As the Business Coordinator at Property Relief Network, Layna enjoys working behind the scenes to support the team. And while she appreciates the many opportunities for growth and development that her position has afforded her, she is also enjoying spreading her wings as a realtor. Always there to meet clients’ real-estate needs with the utmost professionalism, Layna is a critical asset to the PRN team!


Damin Palmer

Acquisitions Manager

Don’t be fooled by his soft-spoken demeanor and unassuming nature. Damin’s dogged determination has always been a driving force, allowing him to shape, and reshape his life and the lives of those around him. Growing up in Oklahoma City, Damin loved sports, playing basketball and football for most of his youth. But, in spite of his active lifestyle, his weight still earned him the nickname, Heavy-D. Deciding that he no longer wanted to carry the weight, or the nickname, Damin dedicated himself to transforming his life and his body, losing an incredible ninety pounds and sparking a passion for fitness and nutritional health. Hoping to inspire others to reach their goals, Damin became a personal trainer. Working in the health club industry, he met Eddie Tillis, who convinced him to join the club’s sales team, a team that would ultimately go on to break virtually every sales record in the company’s history.
Nearly twenty years later, when Eddie decided to leave the industry and open a real estate investment company, he knew Damin would be one of Property Relief Network’s star players. Now working as one of PRN’s acquisitions managers, Damin lives in Tulsa with his wife of twenty years and their youngest daughter, Egypt. They are active in their church and share a passion for fitness and healthy living. Their older daughter, Demornay recently blessed them with their first grandchild, and they are now eagerly anticipating the birth of their son, Myron’s, first child. As a proud father and grandfather, Damin now seeks to positively impact the lives of others through his work at Property Relief Network.

George and Jacque Rolle

The Philippine Operations Team

Ashikur Rahman

Ashikur Rahman


Ashikur Rahman is a web developer and social media expert. He started his journey in 2012. In this time, he worked on over 70 projects and with 10+ companies successfully. Ashikur completed his diploma in Computer Science. His Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science And Engineering is ongoing.
In the year of 2018, Bob got Ashikur in an online community and discuss his business with him. Ashikur liked Bob’s thoughts about Property Relief Network and wanted to work with Bob and the team. Soon, he started working to build online presence of Property Relief Network.