Customer Testimonial Final Seller Side Jan 2019
Eddie has been so helpful in giving me ideas and thoughts as to solutions to look at for my property. Although I’ve not sold it yet, Eddie took great care in not pushing me to make decisions and continues to be there for me whenever I call. Thank you Eddie as I know I want to continue to work with you.

Sally Ann F.

After working with Cindy, and Property Relief, I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. After being left a home by my grand mother, Cindy and I talked about how I as coping with the death and my life. We didn’t even talk about the house really. Finally, I asked Cindy to work with me to figure out what to do, and she and I worked great together. I’m so glad we did as there was so much hurt, and Cindy made things so much easier. Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful.

Georgia K.

I’ve got to do a review on my experience with Katherine while working with my property. Katherine was so pleasant to work with as she was careful in meeting my needs and not hers. Unlike many of those wholesalers out there who tried to acquire property, Katherine was more sensitive to my particular situation and gave me so many solutions to consider. In the end, after several months of watching and meeting with others who seemed to swoop in like vultures to buy my property cheap, I found that she was the most truthful and honest with me. In the end, she gave me a very good cash offer for my property. I recommend you work with these guys…they have experience, and are very professional. Thanks Katherine for you love and concern. : )

Jason Corbin

Eddie has made a huge impact on my life in that when I called Property Relief Network, he was very understanding and helped me come to the right solution for my situation. My home in Tulsa was inherited, and I lived in Florida. Eddie contacted me back directly after my initial contact. He was patient with me, and worked on getting me pointed in the right direction with the home. Although he didn’t personally make money from our first encounter, I contacted him again when I ran into a tax bill I just couldn’t pay. In less than 48 hours, he had a solution for my problem. Thanks so much to Property Relief Network for their patience, and help to get to a decision when I was ready!

Susan Biggs

Eddie and his team were magnificent in there assistance with my home as my parents left the home to me and I didn’t know whether to rent it or live in it. Of course, I had a home so living in it was out of the question. When Eddie reached out to me, his kindness and mannerism really struck me as a person who cared about my loss. I could see he was very emotional when I told my story, as he listened to me attentively. When working with the team, They seemed to really pay attention to even the smallest details. Cindy was wonderful…if you haven’t had a chance to meet her, I hope you do ; ) Thanks again for your help.

Debra Torres

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